<VV> a good vair day

Norman C. Witte ncwitte@wittelaw.com
Fri, 13 Aug 2004 16:58:04 -0400

By the way, what do I loosen to change that
> belt?  My manual hasn't arrived yet.  I don't see
> anything that looks like it has adjustment to tension
> the belt.

I don't think I saw an answer to this question.  The idler for the belt on
the right side opposite the alternator is adjustable; two 9/16 bolts hold it
in place and you can use the same shorty combo wrench you bought to adjust
the timing to get at them.  You want to tighten the belt enough so that you
can slip turn the alternator by hand; not too tight.  Then rev it and watch
to make sure it's not jumping too much anywhere.

While you're revving, look down at the harmonic balancer and make sure IT'S
not jumping around.  The vulcanized rubber between the two halves of the
balancer deteriorates over time.  As it begins to fail you may get excessive
movement in the outer ring of the balancer when the motor is revved.  There
is a hash mark in the inner and outer rings of the balancer, and they should
line up.  If they don't the balancer has slipped and should be replaced.  A
failing harmonic balancer can be one cause of belt tossing problems.

> Since the gas gummed up my stuff, I'd like to drain
> it, but I don't see a plug.  Bummer.  I think that
> tank's coming down anyway, the sender went to F today.
>  I've driven it about 70 miles and only added 2
> gallons or so, and it started at 3/4.  It's definitely
> not full.

John, every day that you can drive a Corvair is a good day.

I hope I can make it to the Homecoming and see your car.

Norm Witte