<VV> Removing Left Head on LM

NicolCS@aol.com NicolCS@aol.com
Fri, 13 Aug 2004 23:49:46 EDT

Yes, Virginia, there is a need to remove the oil cooler.  The left side of 
the oil cooler bracket sits about 1/4" forward of the rearmost portion of the 
cylinder head cooling fins.  One would have to pry the oil cooler about 1/2" 
rearward in order to clear the cylinder head fins.  The mounting bolt and seals 
won't permit that kind of movement.
Craig Nicol

<snip>#4 intake valve is a goner. The last time I did this job, I followed the
instruction in the Shop Manual that said to remove the oil cooler. Is this
just something left over, perhaps from EMs, or is it in fact necessary to
remove the oil cooler? Thanks. Joe Potts Miami, Florida USA <unsnip>