<VV> Thinking about selling my 63 spyder convert

Rick Beets rickbeets@qwest.net
Sat, 14 Aug 2004 09:46:18 -0600

Well gang, I've been putting this off for some time now...  But the time has
come for me to sell my 63 turbo.  I need the money to fund my tech company.
Here are the details

Location: Denver metro
Condition:  A bit of a basket case right now.  Body very clean except for a
little rust in lower right side behind the door.  All new suspension
(bushings, springs, tierods, quick steering arm), new pump, cylinders and
lines for hydrolic top mech.  New brakes.  I had pulled the drive train to
work on a problem in the tranny and got stalled.  It started and ran fine
before I started this project.  Interior needs work and the top is OK but
probably should be replaced.
I would like to get $3500 for it as it sits.
No pictures at this time, however I will get some taken so I can send on

Reply off list to the above address for more information, or call me on my
cell (303)475-5366


Rick Beetsw