<VV> Re: Plugs

Frank DuVal corvairduval@cox.net
Sun, 15 Aug 2004 16:47:27 -0400

Smity says:


   Frank I thought the "S stood for extended electrode?????         
      So what did they determine while poking at your plumbing?"

Yes, the S is extended electrode, just on a 3/8" reach plug. The F and FF  mean 1/2" reach plug.

So a 44S is just an extended electrode 44. An extended electrode 44FF would be a 44FFS, and yes, I have seen them in Corvair engines. 

While poking at my plumbing to see why the chest pain, they found a clogged artery in the heart. They installed a stent and the pain went away. It seemed such a simple, painless and non-intrusive procedure that I thought I should go home right away and get back to working on projects. But no, they said it was a serious heart attack, and kept me for 4 days. They would only release me then if I learned how to give myself injections of blood thinner. No Fun! Luckily that only lasted 4 days until the Cumadin took over. I should have bought the extended warranty, the factory one has expired at 50.

See you at the farm in September.

Frank DuVal
64 Spyder Conv and others