<VV> Curious Engine and car Stuff (somewhat long)

Derek Archer eggman@owt.com
Sun, 15 Aug 2004 21:25:51 -0700

I have an unrestored original 1965 Devin C. If you don't know what that 
is, shame on you for calling yourself a corvair person. 
(devinsportscars.com) Anyway, my dad used to autocross it locally back 
in the '70s but he lost interest in it and it got put in the garage 
with a cover and empty boxes piled on it since 1976. I now have it 
running and don;t see a need to restore it since it's condition is so 
good. All the original gauges work and all that, but that is beside the 
point. The engine is a 65 140hp engine that has been modified with 
special cam and valves among other things so it now puts out close to 
200HP!! The transmission is a 4-spd (unknown year) and the diff is a 
3.27 from an early model. The brakes and axle are all corvair with the 
rear axle whortened 2 inches on each side. The most curious thing about 
the engine is that it has a stock corvair GENERATOR rather than an 
alternator which that engine should have (yes the oil filter adaptor 
casting is correct for a generator) The generator is wrapped in a 
chrome jacket probably for looks and the fuel pump is chromed on top. 
The tachometer is mechanical, driven off a cable attached to the 
crankshaft pulley. There are three lights on the dash. (they are just 
little dots) a red one for the generator, a yellow one for high beam, 
and a green one for EITHER turn signal. The front end is almost all 
volkswagen. the steering box is VW, the fuel tank is 10 gallons from a 
'55 VW van. The ignition switch is VW as well as the ignition keys 
(they say VW on them). The parking brake is european style (pull up on 
a handle between the two front seats) among other very interesting 
things. That generator thing has me a bit puzzled as to why it is like 
that. Anyway, take a look at devinsportscars.com for more info on the 
Devin C and give me any insight as to why there is a generator rather 
than an alternator on it.