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That said, I have had good luck with both K&N and Lucas "tranny in a can"
treatments.  The Lucas stuff actually brought reverse back to a TH200C
(after it said 'C you later') and kept it in for a year and half. YMMV.
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> Any of these "fixes" are an episode of "snake oil" which may cause more
> damage than good. Some of these fixes contain brake fluid which swells the
> seals. But they could cause even more damage buy swelling the other seals
> in the transmission.
> I've seen this stuff before under various brand names, 50 cents worth of
> chemical sold for $6 and up. I've never heard of any of it any good.
> I would bite the bullet and fix the seal, just my opinion.
> Gary Swiatowy
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> I have a 93 Explorer with a front transmission seal leak.  It will cost
> $500 or a weekend on my back to fix.
> Has anyone had good experience with auto transmission additives that claim
> to swell seals and stop leaks such as this?
> The truck has 115,000 miles and a V6.  The PO appears to have treated it
> gently and the transmission functions well.