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Mon, 16 Aug 2004 07:34:30 -1100 (SST)

> eggman@owt.com writes:
> That generator thing has me a bit puzzled as to why it is like that. 
> I'd bet it's a 1964  110/95 [ had generators] with 140 heads......or has the 
> OTTO   4 carb kit??

While the idea for a 1964 engine is a good one, I think the more rational reason is even simpler, especially considering that Bill Devin was
a genius on many auto systems, but ELECTRICAL was certainly not one of those.  I bet, since the wiring harness and regulator setup was all
designed and working for the generator, he simply went with that.  Also, it is doubtful that this was originally BUILT in 1965, although it
might indeed be a 1965 when first registered.

What is needed is to check the VIN and see if it corresponds to what is currently known about these cars.  There are already some
indications in the original e-mail that would likely guarantee this was a fully assembled Devin C from Devin Sports Cars versus a kit car. 
If eggman@owt.com contacts me we can discuss this and some other Devin C particulars.

-- Larry Forman

Larry Forman