<VV> RE: 64 Spyder wont go

Stewart MacLeod stewartmacleod@hotmail.com
Mon, 16 Aug 2004 18:54:44 +0000

Before you take apart the transmission and/or differential, check the
u-joint yokes. The splines tend to strip out so that the axle turns but
the wheel doesn't.


Arkansas Corvair Club


I need some advice for a fellow club member, for his 64 Spyder:

I was heading to a car show this morning. I noticed a little bit of
prior to pulling up to a stop sign. It made the car jerk like you were
trying to
start from a stop in 3rd or 4th gear.  I shifted into neutral at the stop
and  I then shifted into 1st and the car wouldn't move. It wouldn't move
in any
gear. I had it towed home and put it up on jack stands and checked the
Linkage moves in and out of the transmission with the shift lever. Now,
where do
I go from here? There is no noise coming from the transaxle. Got any

What about it - any guesses?
Andy K.


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