<VV> Re: Gasket Leak??

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Mon, 16 Aug 2004 15:56:05 EDT

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Smitty says:  That's exactly what it is Andy.  It may be a measurable
leak and it may be a tiny leak that will never cause a problem. A lot of
time when the engine "grows" to operating temperature a leak like that
will seal itself.  You may get a whiff of exhaust fumes in the heater on
starting that goes away quickly.  On my engine I would pull the head and
re-gasket just for safety reasons.  Especially since it is out of the car

How does engine oil get past the rings and up into the head in enough quantity
to leak out past a head gasket and the engine not smoke when running?  It's 
possible, I guess but doesn't seem probable.  Since it's the #3 cylinder 
getting leaking the oil I'd be sure to check the PVC tubes which are right 
the #3 cylinder.

Ed Corson (CORSA member)
IECC - Riverside, CA