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Good afternoon all.

Snake Oil??  Unless your transmission is brand new, that's pretty much what it is. With a couple of notable exceptions. 

Lucas "Trans in a can" ---also called Lucas "Lubeguard"

Has LXE---which they call liquid wax ester. Another type of lubricant. This will reduce wear, reduces temperature of fluid (their claim), increases the thermal and oxidative stability of the fluid in the trans (their claim), thus reducing varnish and sludge formation. 

I know of 2 different trans rebuilders in my area who put a bottle in every trans they rebuild. If the customer doesn't want to pay for it, they let it go anyway, as both are convinced that if the lubeguard is put in first when the trans is fresh, they will have less comebacks for trans problems. 

Personally I swear by SEAFOAM Trans Tune. Only because it worked for me. It WON'T swell up seals. Gary ( i think) was right on this, go ahead and change the seal. But Trans Tune will clear out sludge and varnish, and make your trans shift better. Best part is, since it is a volatile petroleum based product (more like gasoline than oil) it will evaporate out of your trans in a couple of days, so you don't need to remove fluid to add it. Just follow the directions on the can. Worked wonders for the AOD in my 87 Grand Marquis, and did it in less than 10 minutes of driving. 

Now for the poster with the Ford Trans, and the rest of your water-pumpers, IMO NOTHING will save you more grief and heartache with an auto trans than REGULAR transmission flushes. We now have the technology, the machines that remove fluid from the converter (always a problem) and detergent additives that clear nasties from the valve body and suchlike. 

Sure it is expensive, runs from 100.00 to 150.00 or more per treatment. Recommended interval every 40K miles. So on the high side, in 160K miles you are going to be out 600 bones.  But since the average transmission retails (at the dealer)for about 2200.00.....

Pay a little now, or a lot later. Since I get paid mostly on commission, if you live near my dealership, please take the opinion that I am full of dookie on this, but look me up when your trans takes a dump. Like the undertaker says, 
"I'll see ya sooner or later!!!"

Just some wisdom garnered from behind the parts counter. 



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