<VV> group red for me - going to drop my fuel tank

John Headley robedinpurple@yahoo.com
Mon, 16 Aug 2004 16:20:07 -0700 (PDT)

OK, my vair is not going to cooperate until I remove
that gas tank and clean it out (or replace it).  I did
some timing/plugs/misc. tune-up items yesterday.  I
went to go for a spin, made it 3 houses down the
street before the gas choked out my carbs again.  I
can't see any way to get around dropping that tank and
cleaning it out.  Since I've made up my mind to go
ahead and do this, I have a few questions (my manual
is STILL not here!).

What are the proper locations for jack stands on an
early so I can do this job safely?  Anyone have any
ideas on how to easily remove the gasoline from the
tank before dropping it, bearing in mind that I have
no idea how much is in there (i.e. needs to be a
controlled dump).  I could use the sender unit, but
I'm afraid that no matter what size container I drain
into, I'll be one gallon over and make a flammable
mess.  I'm thinking the fuel line break at the tank
could be used to suck that stuff out of there, or
perhaps I can get a siphon to work, but my experience
with those has been poor (anyone know of a good
setup?).  Finally, should I just bite the bullet and
replace it rather than screw around trying to repair a
40 year old steel tank?

Thanks for the advice.  Sorry for the constant barrage
of questions, but I figure that's what we're here for.

-John Headley
64 monza convert (not likely for Woodward or DACC

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