<VV> group red for me - going to drop my fuel tank

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Mon, 16 Aug 2004 18:42:06 -0500

I've not done an early other than an FC

There cannot be more than 14 gallons in there, so 3 5gal buckets should
cover you JF.  You can probably get an idea how much space you need by
putting something down the filler tube till you feel the bottom of the tank.
Pull it out and see how much of it is wet.

To siphon.  After the car is up and using about a 7 to 8ft piece of clear
plastic hose of a decent diameter, just siphon by mouth.  The clear plastic
is so you can see the gas come and take your mouth away before it gets that

You MAY need the special tool for the sending unit.  Probably available at
your local FLAPS.

Evaluate the tank once you have it down.  Most of them can be saved for
about 1/4th the cost of a new one.  Even if you buy a new one, you'll want
to coat it anyway and that is where the cost is to fix the old one.

Jack stand location will be fairly obvious.  I jack on the rockers just
behind the door ('65 convert - 2 doors) which lifts the entire side of the
car.  I go about half the reach of the jack and put in stands.  Jack the
opposite side ALL the way and put in stands.  Go back to the first side and
put it the rest of the way up and reset the stands.  My jack has the large
cup and I use a piece of wood to protect the rocker.  I do NOT jack on the
pinch weld on the bottom of the rockers.

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Later, JR
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> OK, my vair is not going to cooperate until I remove
> that gas tank and clean it out (or replace it).  I did
> some timing/plugs/misc. tune-up items yesterday.  I
> went to go for a spin, made it 3 houses down the
> street before the gas choked out my carbs again.  I
> can't see any way to get around dropping that tank and
> cleaning it out.  Since I've made up my mind to go
> ahead and do this, I have a few questions (my manual
> is STILL not here!).
> What are the proper locations for jack stands on an
> early so I can do this job safely?  Anyone have any
> ideas on how to easily remove the gasoline from the
> tank before dropping it, bearing in mind that I have
> no idea how much is in there (i.e. needs to be a
> controlled dump).  I could use the sender unit, but
> I'm afraid that no matter what size container I drain
> into, I'll be one gallon over and make a flammable
> mess.  I'm thinking the fuel line break at the tank
> could be used to suck that stuff out of there, or
> perhaps I can get a siphon to work, but my experience
> with those has been poor (anyone know of a good
> setup?).  Finally, should I just bite the bullet and
> replace it rather than screw around trying to repair a
> 40 year old steel tank?
> Thanks for the advice.  Sorry for the constant barrage
> of questions, but I figure that's what we're here for.
> -John Headley
> 64 monza convert (not likely for Woodward or DACC
> homecoming)
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