<VV> group red for me - going to drop my fuel tank

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Mon, 16 Aug 2004 21:29:36 -0500

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From: "John Headley" <robedinpurple@yahoo.com>

 Anyone have any
> ideas on how to easily remove the gasoline from the
> tank before dropping it, bearing in mind that I have
> no idea how much is in there > -John Headley
Dont suck on the siphoning hose, too tricky for lung health.

Get a tube, plenty long to reach inside the tank to the bottom, and also to
reach outside down to your floor.

put tube into a  equal height ' U ", fill with gasoline ( unless you are
going to throw everything away, in case water would work fine ) until both
ends are full.  Put your thumb over one end to keep the liquid from
draining, and jam the other end into the tank, to the bottom ....  put the
end your thumb is over into a bucket down at floor level ( lower than tank
anyway ) release thumb and let it flow ...

just think of this system as a Carter Corvair turbo carburetor ... they work
and flood on the same principal. (g)...

regards, ken campbell,iowuh