<VV> Doubting water heads and the Curmudgeon (humor?)

Louis C. Armer, Jr. carmerjr@mindspring.com
Tue, 17 Aug 2004 00:07:26 -0400

Never ever doubt the Guru of Cumudgeons !!! <GGG>
He may be less right sometimes but he's never wrong
when it comes to practical experience. However, his choice
of racing teams is highly suspect.

At 11:47 PM 8/16/04 -0400, you wrote:
> > From: Shaun <shaun_mcgarvey@shaw.ca>
> > Subject: Re: <VV> Re: Gasket Leak??
> > > > akinzelm@greatnortherncorp.com writes:
> >  there is some oil leakage - it is greatest at the head/cylinder
>interface of
> > cylinder #3. It doesn't appear to related to the push rod tubes.  I'd
>think it is a
> > head gasket, but wouldn't think it'd be oily
> >------------------------------------------
> > > Smitty says:  That's exactly what it is Andy.
> > ----------------------------------------
> > Why would oil come out of a head gasket leak? The chances of that
> > are about the same as water coming out.
> > I vote for the head stud o-ring, or even a pcv to top cover o-ring.
> > yea, Vairily ... Shaun
>Smitty Says:  What I said was based on experience, not guesswork.
>Doesn't mean I am right this time.  Doesn't mean the block cover isn't
>leaking.  Doesn't mean the crankcase vent isn't leaking.  I would rather
>expect that Andy would check those obvious things out before pulling the
>head off.
>         In answer to your comment about the water Shaun, let me ask you
>this.  How many times have you pulled a head off and found the bottom of
>the cylinder barrel devoid of oil?  When the engine sits the wash of oil
>that is on the walls eventually pools at the bottom.  Granted not much
>but it is there nevertheless.  Then when you crank the engine and the
>piston comes up, where do you think the oil goes?  Right up against the
>head would be my guess.  If there is any kind of a leak at that point a
>tiny amount of it gets squeezed out past the gasket.  Many engine starts
>and enough cooked oil gets pushed out to make a stain of gummy black oil.
>         Now I have explained how I think oil would be present at the
>barrel to head parting line.  All of the people on VV are now waiting
>with breathless anticipation to hear how it is more likely water would
>appear there.

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