<VV> Chirp and Squeak follow up (f)

Lauren C Mizel slmizel@juno.com
Tue, 17 Aug 2004 08:01:35 -0500

Hi all,

Just a few notes of update (as previously promised)...I found a couple of
great local Corvair guys to help (I met with the Show-Me Corvair club
once and ended up with two guys willing to come over to my house and show
a rookie how dropping the drive train is done!).  Jim Lanwermeyer and Bob
Bauer both generously offered to come over and help me.  Great
guys...from what I can tell, Corvair people are friendly and helpfull
almost by rule!  Well, Bessie is still in group red (though not an
official member, if there is any such thing), but we found some
interesting things out.  The PO apparently did have the engine out at one
time...I had thought it was never cracked.  Bob saw it right away...he
pointed out the dent at the back of my engine bay someone created to let
the oil filter pass, also pointed out a number of non-stock bolts and
other parts.  The drivetrain came out easily (we used the Fitch cart Jim
brought along).  When we got it out and took off the diff, we found the
PO had already replaced the clutch!  He just did it without replacing the
flywheel and used a 110 pressure plate instead of the 140 (which I
recognized by recently reading Classic Corvair...or was it Basics...it
all runs together now!).  All our careful efforts were frustrated too,
since the PO had broken the snout and had put it back in cracked and
chipped (yes, there was oil on the clutch plate).  The PO obviously knew
more than me...surely he could have just done it right the first time!! 
Anyway, back to ebay for me to sell enough stuff to pay for the new parts
I need...the list is growing.  :)

Steve Mizel
Show-Me Corvairs
65 Corsa Vert 140/4

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