<VV> Re: Apparent Head Gasket Leak

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Tue, 17 Aug 2004 09:58:14 -0400

> From: <vairologist@juno.com>
>  <Smit>
> >         Now I have explained how I think oil would be present at 
> the barrel to head parting line.  All of the people on VV are now 
> waiting with breathless anticipation to hear how it is more likely
> would appear there.
> <unSmit>
>  Easy. For every gallon of gas consumed, our engines produce an equal 
> amount of water.
> yea, Vairily ... Shaun
Smitty says:  I'm sorry, I misunderstood his problem.  I thought he said
oily, not water stain.  So if he has water coming out there does that
mean it is coming from a vent pipe leak or a block cover leak or a rocker
stud leak?  Or is it coming from a head gasket leak, which would answer
his original question and agree with my answer.