<VV> cold valve adjustment :

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NEWS FLASH!  Finding the EXACT POINT of zero lash is not all that critical,
as you are going to turn the nut in an additional 1/4-3/4 turn past zero
lash (depending on the lifter and your application - e.g. racing vs street),
which centers the piston in the lifter bore.  Since we have hydraulic
lifters, they are forgiving of a slight misalignment.

I like to slowly tighten the nut until it seems the pushrod will no longer
move in/out.  Then, just to be sure, I back off the nut a bit until I again
feel movement in the push rod, and then tighten again .  Don't even bother
with twisting the rod - it will give a false indication, as it is sometimes
possible to twist the rod even when the valve is fully open!

Bill Hubbell

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> Philippe,
> For a Klutz like me there are too many variables when rolling the pushrod,
how oily are your fingers, how good is your grip.  Even the in and out
method is beyond me. I use the thinnest feeler gauge that I have and find
the "zero" lash point like you were setting solid lifters then turn in the
desired amount. This was a VV suggestion and it works great for me.
> Best of Luck
> Terry Kalp
> >
> > From: "philippe.esteve4" <philippe.esteve4@wanadoo.fr>
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> >
> > Bob ,as usual your post is exaustive!
> > one question, however,
> > why move the pushrod in-and-out and no rotate?
> > regards
> > philippe
> >
> >   . BE SURE to move the pushrods in-and-out when looking for the zero
> > point.  DO NOT rotate the pushrods because this may cause you to miss
> > zero point.
> >   Regards,
> >   Bob Helt
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