<VV> Phillipe's message

Hank Kaczmarek kaczmarek@charter.net
Wed, 18 Aug 2004 21:37:53 -0400


It is possible Phillipe did not realize that the message I sent him was

Looking at the pics Tom had offered of the show in France, For those of you
who didn't see, there were US Army "Duks", WW2 Jeeps made by both Ford and
Willys, military motorcycles of both sides,  right alongside Tri 5 Chevys, and
a few Corvairs, to mention just two of the cars I saw in the pics.

Some might say "well, people are people anywhere"....and to an extent it is

I do believe strongly that "car people are good people"---of course there are
exceptions. Many of them drive Mustangs and Corvettes <G>

But I think Phillipe and I both agree on one thing.....Corvair People are some
of the best folks I have ever had occasion to meet, and like many of us who
were in and around the military, we have met people from every state and many
foreign countries, and gotten to know them well. Political, religious
differences, and even seperated by the model one might like the best, when all
that is aside, almost to a person our members and associates welcome
newcomers, offer assistance in whatever form necessary, and most importantly
offer friendship. I have never been at a club meeting, or show/event feeling
unwelcome.  If you think that is regular, next time you are at a show, go up
to the group of Corvette owners, and try to strike up a conversation.  You
might find it interesting.