<VV> HOPE(not very corvair, but...)

Tony Underwood tonyu@roava.net
Thu, 19 Aug 2004 11:45:04 -0700

OK, I know that this was originally a private post that got made public but
since it *has* become public...   

At 06:46 hours 08/18/2004 +0200, philippe.esteve4 wrote:
>Hank, french people love America !     

And there's nothing wrong with the French people either.   Our governments
may not agree on many things but then governments sometimes cannot agree
with themselves either.  I spend little time worrying about it in all
seriousness.    At one time the USA and Russia were almost at war but in my
life everyone I ever met from Russia was friendly and would shake my hand
with a smile.    The French people are like that as well.   When I lived in
Germany I met many French people, and they were ALL friendly to me.    I
have no problems with any of the French people or the country.  

Besides, where else can you find such wonderful foods...?     :)    It's a
surprise that the French people are not all very fat.   If I were turned
loose with food like that I wouldn't fit inside a Corvair.    (Let us say I
like French foods)    

Uh...  since we are talking about France...  

Where can I buy a roadworthy early 1960s 2CV cheap?    Or *is* there such a
thing as a cheap 2CV anywhere?    

>don't believe in politician, journalist...  
>to my shame, a few people forget the US soldiers who sacrifice one's life
>during the WW2 (especially young people, but certainly not our generation )

I'm aware that it's the people who remember such things, while often
government does not.    

You have nothing to be shamed for.   You remember.   

We in the USA appreciate the sacred ground in which our war dead are buried
in Normandy.   We thank you for tending these graves and keeping them in
the memories of those who would otherwise forget what war does to people
and nations.    

I live not far from the family homes of the 116th Infantry-A Company
soldiers from Bedford Virginia (known as "The Bedford Boys") who were among
the very first US soldiers to land on the beaches of Normandy on June 6th,
1944.    Most of them died before they ever reached the cliffs.   These
soldiers, many of them hardly more than 20 years old, now reside forever in
France.   Thank you, and the French people, for watching over them.   

It is worth mentioning that there are German soldiers buried in France as
well, may they rest as peacefully as the US and French war victims who will
forever remain in the care of the French people.  

>If the world run like Corvair's people, what a happiness.
>thanks for your comforting post

Now, if only I could get *MY* 1960 Corvair running again soon...