<VV> HOPE(not very corvair, but...)

Bill Elliott Bill Elliott" <Corvair@fnader.com
Thu, 19 Aug 2004 12:03:39 -0400

>Where can I buy a roadworthy early 1960s 2CV cheap?    Or *is* there such a
>thing as a cheap 2CV anywhere?    

These things are bringing  really big money now... especially with the later model 600cc models which can keep up with modern traffic and even 
venture onto Interstates. It's a strange situation when 2CV's are bringing Traction Avant money and even exceeding the DS's. Heck, I see cheap 
SM's (sports GT with the Maserati engine) cheaper than all but project 2CVs now!

>>If the world run like Corvair's people, what a happiness.
>>thanks for your comforting post

I agree. Despite numerous disagreements, Corvair people are the friendliest and most helpful family of any of the car people I've dealt with!

>Now, if only I could get *MY* 1960 Corvair running again soon...    

Even without the HUGE favor Tony recently did for me... I'd make the offer for him to contact me to discuss a '60 project car I have in my driveway...