<VV> Squish area article in Pop Sci mag -Long -little Corvair

Joe Macmurchie jrmac@shaw.ca
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Try http://www.popsci.com/popsci/futurecar/article/0,20642,679464-1,00.html

The article is opnline.


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> Sorry for the double post on VV and FV, but I would like to 
> here as many opinions on this as possible.
> This is a very interesting article.
> For those interested I'd go buy the sept 2004 issue.
> Since some of our Corvair engines seems to have 
> pre-detonation problems I read this with interest. After 
> reading I wonder if modifying some 110 heads this way 
> wouldn't be an intriguing test.
> What this fellow's doing seems completely wrong. He is 
> cutting a series of grooves in the combustion area in the 
> head. His thoughts were to cause even more turbulence then 
> just having a squish area. They've got pictures in the 
> article showing some of the modified heads. I don't know how 
> the heads are not detonating all over the place.
> He apparently has been trying for years to get some one in 
> the automotive industry to notice his work. Usually he just 
> gets blown off, but he finally got permission from an engine 
> manufacturer to test his work on a dynamometer. The only 
> engine manufacturer that would allow him to do the tests was 
> Briggs and Stratton.
> Apparently its very hard to get this kind of thing done in 
> the middle of India, that's where this guy's from.
> The fellow got his data back and and in the article claims 
> the data says that from 2000 rpms to 2800 the modified engine 
> used between 10 and 42 percent less fuel and yet seemed to 
> have no appreciable loss in torque or power then an 
> unmodified twin motor running the same tests.
> I bring this up because we usually try to get any sharp or 
> semi sharp edges out of our Corvair heads. Some of the 
> grooves this guy cuts into the heads are in a radial pattern 
> emanating from the spark plug area.
> Is there a peculiarity in the Corvair heads or engine that 
> causes them to detonate more frequently then newer cars or is 
> it just a compression problem.
> Very cool article!
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