<VV> RE: rear wheel bearings

Tony Underwood tonyu@roava.net
Fri, 20 Aug 2004 14:49:40 -0700

At 02:19 hours 08/20/2004 -0400, mopar@jbcs2.net wrote:
>I have done the procedure 5 times, twice as "tech sessions" on other
>peoples cars, no complaints. 3 times on my own, 2 with absolutely no
>problems. My 65 Monza though ended up greasing the rear brake shoes. Used
>up a few shop rags and a can of brake clean and all was well to this day.
>Now of course we will hear from all of those who say not to do this....
>Gary Swiatowy  

Same here.    There's gonna be naysayers bigtime.  

Sure, it's a half-assed way to do it and you'll need to get used to the
idea that you'll grease up a set of back brake shoes so don't complain when
it happens.   

Far as keeping metal chips out of the hub, a greased bit and tap will work
IF you use care and common sense and a shop vac with a small rubber hose
attached to it to suck that hole after tapping it for a zerk fitting.
Or, you could use one off the press-in fittings ass described at the tech
session in Lexington.  Greasing the hub becomes a matter of educated
guessing as to how much grease to pump into it.   

If done right, with care, it *does* work and can make the difference
between having a bearing fail, or not fail, especially if they are starting
to squeak now and again.   I've done this twice and had good luck once the
grease stopped coming out off the hub seals, and afterwards (once I got the
back brakes to remain dry) it was smooth sailing, no failures and it's been
many years now.   

But it's still a jackleg sorta thing to do...  ;)   

tony..       professional jackleg