<VV> EM Specific questions.

Tony Underwood tonyu@roava.net
Fri, 20 Aug 2004 15:06:28 -0700

At 11:58 hours 08/20/2004 -0700, Mike Stillwell wrote:
> Tony, I think the Crossmembers (suspension mounting)
>are different. Cal sells them (and Lon too!, just
>don't have his cat in front of me) for 60 all trans,
>'61-4 all 3spd and PG trans, '61-2 4spd, '63-4 4spd
>and '61-5 Van/FC all trans.
> All lates are great...uh I mean, are the same, as far
>as the crossmember goes.
> Mike
> YS-117   

All that jury rigging with mixing and matching drivelines must have served
me well in my exploits of constructing various Frankenvairs...   

By the way,  Mike...  know where a PG style 95hp or 110hp can be had cheap?
  My replacement engine I'd acquired earlier for the '60 4-door turned out
to be a bust, bogus engine, water in it and has a damaged head-piston (seat
broke).    Was told it was "OK".      Wasted my money...   :\      

All I have left is manual shift engines with '891 cams etc and I'd rather
not hang one of them on a 'Glide.