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 All basic good advice. I use the same method, but cut the rubber hoses
first, as they will be replaced anyway. 

 The trick is getting it back in! The tank goes up easily. Loosely hold
tank in with strap and j bolts. But aligning the new hoses is tough.
They won't want to fit over the pipes. First a little lube will help and
test fit (stretch) everything first. Align the hose clamps first so you
can get to them. A new rubber donut (with some soap lube) when you are
done at the filler is a good thing as they are usually more pliable than
the old one.

Prepare to spend some less than quality time aligning the hoses and
tightening the clamps. 

Does any body else have some shortcuts / hints as how to make the
reinstallation easier? I gotta do a '66 Corsa by n by.

Getting all the information is most of the solution.

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I don't know why you took the RADIUS ROD off, but:

A: Remove stabilizer bar--bolts on both lower control arms and brackets
B: Remove Nuts From J Bolts.
C: Remove wire from sender to ground on Crossmember.
D: Loosen clamps holding hose from tank to filler tube.
Give her a yank---



> Dropping gas tank on 1966 Monza:
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