<VV> Fuel line hose FIRE HAZARD

Louis C. Armer, Jr. carmerjr@mindspring.com
Fri, 20 Aug 2004 18:23:57 -0400

Scott Trunkhill and I recently rebuilt the front suspension on
our x-cross car WTBRT 112. During the rebuild we replaced the
fuel sender unit. When I started to take the rubber fuel line
hose off the sender line and the tunnel line I observed severe
cracking of the rubber hose's outer layer. It was along the entire length
of the hose and bad enough you could plainly see the bias cord
winding in the hose. I was suprised and alarmed at this and checked
the rubber hose over the rear axle as well. It was in the same condition
as the fuel sender hose. Now the signifigance of this problem is that
hose was less than 1 1/2 years old and was ordered from "Clarks". It
is the hose that "Clarks" sells as their part # C1045 and is used at both
applications per their instructions in the catalogue. I am posting this to
VV and cc to "Clarks". Would a member of FastVairs and Corvantics please
cross post for me. Autocrossers and racers please check your rubber fuel
lines as this could be a definite Fire Hazard.

Chuck Armer

Corvair Atlanta, BOD
CORSA Tri-Membership Chairman