<VV> Cliping Coils and installing fuel gauge senders

Terry Kalp tkalp@cox.net
Sat, 21 Aug 2004 17:24:34 -0500


Slowly, I am getting "Deer Hunter" back ready for the road.  While putting the
rear suspension back together, I cut a couple of coils out of the springs
before installation.  Needless to say the rear sat a "bit" lower than the
front which already had one coil cut.  Then I remembered Smitty's tip about
cutting the installed springs with a torch . . . might as well give it a try .
. . with a twist (no pun intended).  Instead of cutting one full coil then
trying to cut that in half to get it out, I cut one half turn pried the part
out then make the second half coil cut.  The cut ends came out easily. Must
say the stance is improved.

The morning in the shop started out with AeroNed draining the tank to "fix"
the new fuel sending unit  that he had just changed a couple of weeks ago.
Once the sending unit was out the problem was obvious . . . Ned hadn't been
impressed by the plastic float that came with his new unit so he had replaced
it with the brass one from the old sender.  The brass float had turned into a
miniature fuel tank and filled itself with gas.  Luckily I had saved the
plastic float that Ned had discarded, once it was back on the sender
everything was ready to go back in.  Ned struggled with the locking ring for
about 45 minutes, then turned the task over to me.  My luck was no better,
once I had two of the ears hooked in the third was overlapping  and couldn't
be installed without  popping one of the other ears out.   After too long it
hit me . . . Why couldn't I shorten one of the ears by about 1/8 th inch, I
tried it and in just a couple of minutes the lock ring was in.  Now I could
get two ears hooked, press the third down and rotate the ring to lock
everything in.

Terry Kalp