<VV> Seats

Marc Sheridan sheridanma@adelphia.net
Sun, 22 Aug 2004 21:25:51 -0400

Don't know why you don't want to start a thread on seats, it is always 
something I am interested in and it is Corvair related.

One of the best thing I ever did to my car was install  modern seats. 
Mine are from a '95 Grand Am , have lumbar adjustment on the driver side 
and only cost me thirty bucks for the pair. To prepare them for 
installation, I took them to the local coin operated car wash, gave them 
a good bath, then took the bases off so they could be painted. It only 
took a couple of new holes in the floor to get them bolted in.

However, a word to the wise, if you have a two door, make sure your new 
seats came from a two door. Otherwise, it can make it awkward to get in 
the back seat if your seats came from a four door. Don't ask me how I 
know :o).

Marc Sheridan

Hank Kaczmarek wrote:

>Don't really want to start a thread on seats, so off list responses please,
>and I will report to the group in one post what I have learned, and what I
>will do.
>Decided that the money to put into LM seats (buns, new covers) to get them
>right, and still not have any lateral back or neck support isn't worth it
>right now.
>Looked at Kent's setup, which IMO would be optimal, but a bit rich for my
>blood right now.  I think Kent got done what he did at a better than average
>Any successes or non successes retofitting newer design seats into an LM would
>be appreciated.