<VV> Engine install advice and an update

Macdonald David dmacd_us@yahoo.com
Mon, 23 Aug 2004 08:36:06 -0700 (PDT)

Hope you don't mind if ask for advice again.

The service manual depicts making a mount out of 3"
angle iron to lift the rear of the engine. You use
this along with lift point on the clutch housing. Do
you need the angle iron bracket or is there a simpler

My plan is to assemble the entire drive train, put it
on a sheet of plywood which is resting on the legs of
the cherry picker then roll the whole works under the
car, then attach the chain from the picker to lift the
drive train into place. Does this sound like a
workable plan?

'65 Corsa 140
Emerging from 30+ years of storage.
(I've NEVER driven a Corvair, any Corvair, under it's
own power. I hope to soon)

Made good progress this weekend. Got the new dual
master cylinder in as well as reassembling the front
end. I thought I was done with the front end, but
there is a definite 'click' in the steering gear. I
spent a long time under the car trying to find the
source. Everything seems to move in unison with no
play. There is a very small up and down movement in
the idler arm so I think that's the culprit.

The car came off jack stands long enough to be pushed
out of the garage and go back in nose first. Removed
the differential and transmission before I had to
degrease (myself) for Sunday dinner.

Discovered you can't buy synthetic grease on Sunday
anywhere near where I live. Outside right front
bearing got non-synthetic as a result.

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