<VV> Aluminum Wheels for Sale

Robert Marlow nortechcorp@optonline.net
Mon, 23 Aug 2004 12:49:03 -0400

Shameless Ad:

Set of four 15 x 7 aluminum wheels, light and spiffy Chevy S-10 wheels that
I bought from Patrick Caherty earlier this year.  I was gonna use 'em on my
'66 500 (the car I had at Lexington) but on that car I elected to stick
with the stock look, body color wheels with poverty caps.

Since these wheels won't fit my '64, I'll be looking to re-sell them for
exactly what I paid Patrick.  I had my regular machine shop open the
centers by the smidgen reguired to make them fit a Corvair, my loss, your
gain.  They include all the center caps, lug nuts, and nut covers.

Available at the NECC "Racers' Reunion" event this Sunday, August 29, at
the Hampton Inn in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania (where the PA Turnpike
meets I-79).


Robert W. Marlow