<VV> Both Electric and Mechanical fuel pumps

Bill Elliott Bill Elliott" <Corvair@fnader.com
Mon, 23 Aug 2004 12:54:23 -0400

On Mon, 23 Aug 2004 11:53:44 -0500, Vanderlind, Patrick wrote:

>I was thinking of installing an electric fuel pump as a backup to my
>mechanical on my 62 'vert. Can an electric pump, while shut off, allow fuel
>to pass? Also does the mechanical allow fuel to pass thru while the engine
>is not running? I want it to be able to fill the carbs after sitting for
>several days. I would imagine this would help save on the starter. 
>Anybody have any experience with this?

I once did this with a cheap solid state electric pump mounted behind the front frame rail and a 
switch under the dash. (I had a big problem with what I thought was vapor lock.) Though this didn't 
seem to help my vapor lock issue, it did not seem to negatively affect the operation of the normal fuel 
pump even when off.

All of my Corvairs now run mechanical pumps only... but I've replaced mechanical with electrical 
pumps in several of my British cars and the starting after sitting several days is much improved.

Bill Elliott
Urbana, MD