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I have seen many "no rust" eastern cars that 
here we consider rust-buckets.

I seem to recall a few years ago that a fellow up in central or western 
Canada had advertised a "Rust free Kentucky car" for sale... Kentucky has been 
using salt for many moons, not just for roads, but naming places too (Salt River 
runs through my old hometown of Shepherdsville, and the bison made paths for 
the salt licks, so any place in KY with Lick in the name was a salt pit... but I 
digress)... anyway, I contacted the fellow to ask him "where in Ky did he buy 
it, and where did the car originally come from?" He told me Louisville, all 
of it's life was in Louisville, and they don't use salt there... I informed him 
he was mistaken, and that if someone told him that to get him to buy the car 
then he had been lied to... can you believe the guy got mad at me? All I was 
trying to do was set the fellow straight... WE DO USE SALT ON THE ROADS IN 
Oh well... would I do it again? You BETCHA!

Lon Anderson in White Mills, KY (where they use SALT!)
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