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Rob Landers CorsaRob@charter.net
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In all the years I've been participating in the Econo Runs at conventions
(about 13 events in 15 years), I've never seen anyone put the gas container
in their trunk.  Myself, I use a disposable plastic container (such as a
Gatorade bottle) that after I finish filling up I pass on to other
competitors to use.  Those that did use gas containers this year at
Lexington put them in the back of a host club truck at the starting line to
be picked up after the event.

I've never seen (nor even suspected) anyone putting gas in their vehicle
along the route.  However, if you were to actually ride with some of the
guys that get really high MPG's, you would realize they don't drive like
they're on a typical trip in the country.  Ever been doing 90 mph down the
side of a mountain near Tahoe with the only noise you hear being the wind
and the chirping of the tires?  And I was passenger... Art Ainsworth, a mere
80-something was behind the wheel.  Art can always get high 30's on most any
economy runs.  I got 36 this year at Lexington in my 140/4-speed and that
was only good for 4th place.

Now for those who've not had the pleasure of actually competing you should
know that my chokes and secondary linkages were disconnected, my tires had
close to 50 lbs psi in each of them, I turned off the engine and coasted at
least 3-5 miles of the route, timed lights to not have to stop, I
short-shifted to get into 4th as soon as possible after every stop, and
utilized numerous other gas-miser techniques.

And as mentioned... I'm not one of the top finishers.

Rob Landers
1967 Yenko Stinger
53 Jets in the primaries with an engine having 60 over barrels and headers

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> I have always questioned some of the mileage on economy runs.........seems
> improbable. I also question when I see people adding gas while they are
> lined up at the start of the event. And where does the gas can
> go? Yep, into
> the trunk.........
> Rules should be posted. No adding gas once in line, or disqualified, no
> question.
> Trunks and motor compartments should be inspected while in line,
> find a gas
> can, disqualified..........
> Just my 2 cents
> Gary Swiatowy