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Unfortunately, mine was produced in the first week of January of '65 
and doesn't have the roof anchor for the optional belts.

Stephen Upham
Corvairium II
On Monday, Aug 23, 2004, at 21:10 US/Central, airvair wrote:

> Oh, absolutely. But the Corvair was originally designed and then
> modified for roof-mounted sholder belts. Belts in a crash situation
> produce tremendous pulls on the attachment points, and the seat-mounted
> sholder belt adds the distance leverage to the floor mountings. Just a
> caveat...
> -Mark (one of my cars is a '69, standard with sholder belts)
> Stephen Upham wrote:
>> The only thing I could say is that I would prefer my chances with a 
>> shoulder belt than a seat with no shoulder belt. From what I can tell 
>> from the site, the seats should be as firmly attached to the floor as 
>> the originals and perhaps more so. I see your point, I could never 
>> know how they would behave unless they were crash tested. I just feel 
>> that I would be adding another layer of protection that just MIGHT 
>> make the difference between kissing the dash or not in a front ender 
>> and perhaps lessening or preventing whiplash in a rear end collision.
>> Stephen Upham
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>> out of group red for the first time in twelve years)
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>> On Monday, Aug 23, 2004, at 20:52 US/Central, airvair wrote:
>>      Just be aware that in order to make the belts function in a 
>> crash the
>>      way they are supposed to do, the floor has to be reinforced 
>> adequately.
>>      Kent has done a good job on his car, but until a real-world 
>> destructive
>>      crash test is conducted, the reinforcement adequacy is purely an
>>      educated guess. Question is, would you bet your life on what you
>>      install? Because a poorly thought out job could be even more 
>> dangerous,
>>      rather than safer.
>>      I used to do engineering testing in a research lab, and on at 
>> least one
>>      occasion this included a seat belt pull test.
>>      -Mark
>>      Stephen Upham wrote:
>>           I have always liked the idea of the Sebring convertible 
>> seats because
>>           of the fact that they come with their own shoulder belt 
>> that is
>>           integrated with the seat-back.
>>           See: The Chrysler Cure
>>           Go to Kent Sullivan's website. www.corvairkid.com
>>           and look at the Chrysler seats he put in his LM.
>>           Stephen Upham
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