<VV> Seats

Tony Underwood tonyu@roava.net
Tue, 24 Aug 2004 00:43:11 -0700

At 12:04 hours 08/24/2004 -0400, Bill Hubbell wrote:
>More Naderism.  Who are we kidding.  If you are really so concerned about 
>safety we shouldn't even be driving these 40 year old cars --- or should we? 
>As for me, I will continue to enjoy driving my Corvairs with nothing more 
>than they were equipped with by the factory --- Love that 1964 solid 
>steering shaft!!

It's this way:   

If you get smacked in the front in an early Vair hard enough for that
steering shaft to become an issue, there's gonna be a lot of other things
happening that are likely to have already made your day a really bad one
long before the shaft pops up to say hello.    I've seen Vairs take
thunderous shots to the front and buckle the car, and still not push the
shaft into the interior.     

...kinda makes one wonder about "crumple zones"...