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Hey, you don't need to convince me.  I'm not the one putting  shoulder 
restraints into my old cars!


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> At 12:04 hours 08/24/2004 -0400, Bill Hubbell wrote:
>>More Naderism.  Who are we kidding.  If you are really so concerned about
>>safety we shouldn't even be driving these 40 year old cars --- or should 
>>As for me, I will continue to enjoy driving my Corvairs with nothing more
>>than they were equipped with by the factory --- Love that 1964 solid
>>steering shaft!!
> It's this way:
> If you get smacked in the front in an early Vair hard enough for that
> steering shaft to become an issue, there's gonna be a lot of other things
> happening that are likely to have already made your day a really bad one
> long before the shaft pops up to say hello.    I've seen Vairs take
> thunderous shots to the front and buckle the car, and still not push the
> shaft into the interior.
> ...kinda makes one wonder about "crumple zones"...
> tony..
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