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John Kepler bigjohnohio@worldnet.att.net
Tue, 24 Aug 2004 08:18:46 -0400

 Unless you are able to put your car through the same testing
> procedures (doubtful), at best you can only guess as to the safety
> of the changes.
> That is all I was trying to say.
> Bill Hubbell

I think you are overstating your position Bill.....your apparent definition
of what exactly constitutes a "guess" being the most glaring one,  There are
guesses and then there are guesses!  There are those of the "WAG" variety,
and guesses of the "highly educated" variety.....they are NOT equal....they
are not even close based on what I think you are using as criteria!

I have designed and installed safety systems in a fairly wide variety of
racing machinery that functioned flawlessly and effectively in VERY
high-impact/high G-Load situations without ANY "full-up" testing.  These
results weren't the result of a WAG, but of good basic structural and
materials engineering......good engineering is NOT a "guess" just because
"full-up" testing wasn't done!   The guy that anchors a seat-belt in a sound
floor panel with a heavy 3" fender washer as a reinforce has done a pretty
good piece of "jack-leg" engineering that is no more likely to fail than
it's heavily tested factory counterpart!  The testing is more about
regulatory compliance and litigation defense than any engineering
requirement.....loads and material strength are simple "cookbook"
engineering, not rocket science!