<VV> Sebring Seat mounts

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Tue, 24 Aug 2004 17:38:34 EDT

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Without a test, you will only be guessing. Educated guess, maybe,  but
still a guess. And you don't want to BE the  proof.

I would not want to be the proof in either result - Whether it works or it  
doesn't work! - But if reasonably attached and reinforced, it is better than a  
seat belt only. In case of an accident, being the proof that it works is 
better  than not! PS - The amount of recalls for all cars today seems to make it 
clear  that many of the designers may have been doing some guessing on their 
own.  Saturn Vue trailings arms breaking in tests - after thousands delivered!  
And recalls extend over both the Atlantic and Pacific.  - Seth  Emerson