<VV> Re: 62 Wagon

Eric S. Eberhard flash@vicspdi.com
Tue, 24 Aug 2004 15:56:33 -0700

That would be the car.  My wife loves it too :-)  When and for how long did 
you own it?  Do you have any vintage pictures or stories or bits and pieces 
you want to share?  My wife's name is Cheryl and she would be thrilled (I 
copied her).

It currently has no 2nd gear syncro so we are planning to swap in a new 
transmission.  While the engine is out we plan to replace the 
barrels/pistons/rings/bearings/etc.  It has 137k miles now and the rear 
main seal is shot (so new clutch disc as well).

Do you know who changed it to 4 speed from powerglide and when?

Do you know who did what head work when?  Paul said the heads had been done 
but he did not know exactly what nor exactly when.

Thanks for emailing!

At 01:36 PM 8/24/2004, NicolCS@aol.com wrote:
>Eric, would that happen to be a '62 Monza wagon 4-sp in Twilight Turquise 
>from Paul Pederson in LA?  If so, it used to be mine!  ...Loved that 
>car!  In fact, I still do!
>Craig Nicol

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