Safer cars, was: <VV> Seats

Tue, 24 Aug 2004 23:08:00 -0400

Personally, I feel that Ralphie's main idea was that 1)crashes are
inevitable, because we'll never be able to prevent 100% of them, 2)cars
can be made more survivable, but that capitalism, being as it is (at the
time) had prevented safer designs from being built, and 3)the fastest
way to move safer cars onto the market is to legally mandate them. In
view of the market conditions of the time, I feel that he was right. I
also feel that it was regretable that the force of law had to move the
issue ahead. But then, in reality, I don't see auto safety moving
appreciably ahead (even today) without it.


Bill Hubbell wrote:
> You take a risk every time you get into a car - old or new.  Ralph would
> have you believe that is unacceptable, and if anything happens to you it
> must be someone else's fault.  I think otherwise.
> Enjoy your 'safety net'.
> Bill Hubbell