<VV> Re: People losing Sleep Over Living in the Real World

vairologist@juno.com vairologist@juno.com
Tue, 24 Aug 2004 23:44:32 -0400

Bill Loftin wrote:
> > >If you have a rear axle problem on your '62, you have NO brakes, 
> NO down shift, and NO parking brake.  Ask around on VV and 
> elsewhere just how that feels.
Lonzo wrote
 >I'm with Bill on this one. That's how I got my 64 700 sedan last 
> winter for just $300... 
Smitty says:  Lonzo you think it is a bad thing that you lose most
methods of retardation when you lose a drum?  You got a car out of it. 
And that's bad?????    Bill when all else fails use the steering wheel. 
Don't jump in the back seat shouting "woe is me".  Damn fellows, stuff
happens.  When your number is up, It's up.  Doesn't make any difference
if it's a "head on" with a truck full of girders (lets see your shoulder
belt save you then) or getting bit by a black widow.  If you think dual
masters and 5 point belts and fire retardant systems in your car will
save you are naive.  Step out of your super safe transportation capsule
and some idiot will take you off with the door.  Me:  I'm not going to
lose a minute of my life worrying about how I might go.  I'm going to
take the whole ride just as fast as I can with all the resources I have