<VV> We lost another one. (no Corvair)

M & M Sweaney monza17@cox.net
Wed, 25 Aug 2004 20:09:19 -0500

Hi all
It is my sad duty to report to all of you that Arthur (Art) D. Ainsworth
passed away on August 23rd, 2004.  Some of you might remember him from many
national conventions because he was very active in the auto cross and
economy runs and place very high when ever he competed.   He has also done
Grand Prix racing and sports car rallies.  There were also some motorcycles
in the mix also.  Over the years he won many trophies in all of these
activities.  Other activities included horses, country western dancing and
he was also a rock hound.
Art became a member of the Indian Nation Corvair Association and was one of
the founding members.  He always tried hard to make it to the conventions
whenever he could.
Art was born Dec. 31, 1915.  He has always been an automobile enthusiast and
has had probably more cars in his life than most of us will ever have.  Some
of them we have only seen in books or museums.  Over the years Art shared
some of his antics with me and I always looked foreword to hearing them.
Art will be missed by us here in central Oklahoma and I am sure he will be
missed at the nationals.
Art's final resting place will be at Clinton City Oklahoma.  You may all
rest assured that if it were possible for him to do so he would have left
this world driving his blue late model coupe.
Respectfully submitted by Michael Sweaney
61 4 door Monza with factory A/C
62 Rampside
66 Glenn Pray Cord (Norma Jean)