N2VZD@aol.com N2VZD@aol.com
Thu, 26 Aug 2004 14:38:23 EDT

i have a good working homebrew parts washer tub style from discarded unit 
that used water / biotech based cleaners. the shop was not happy at all with it 
so it got tossed. i have home depot paint thinner/degreaser in it using the 
same pump now for at least 10-12 years with good results. my latest crazy stunt 
is i am building a parts washer using an old under counter dishwasher unit. i 
unwired the heater unit and plugged the drain. it works good so far but i am 
trying several different solvents on it. i am very busy again so it will be a 
while before i know which work best. i used muriatic acid in yesterday for a few 
minutes and it is now clean of lime etc. i use it outdoors with a garden hose 
nearby to rinse. next i will put a cruddy  corvair head or something in it 
and try solvents.i used a heavy concentration of tide powder years ago to soak 
heads in and it worked well, also dawn did ok on oily small stuff. but 
petroleom works best aka kero or solvents. i really think it will do a decent job. 
just have to collect the spent solvent in a tray or something.  i will cut down a 
50 gal plastic drum to try first.  just reporting on more of my 
"expeiriments" so dont bother with flames yet.  
 regards, tim colson