<VV> HELP (Saving a 4dr)

NicolCS@aol.com NicolCS@aol.com
Fri, 27 Aug 2004 16:57:06 EDT

My evaluation of the "3-zones" (Body/Mechanical/Interior) considers the 
completeness and quality of each zone.  For a zone to merit a passing grade, it has 
to be "all done" or at least done up to the standards of the person spending 
the money.  I share your policy of avoiding rusty cars altogether, though I do 
recognize that there are exceptions for otherwise exceptional or historic 
Good thoughts, all!
Craig Nicol
<Snip>Interesting perspective.  I divide it also into the same 3 zones plus 
more that is MOST important....

...The fourth area I look at is actually the most important --> is it 
and complete?  <unsnip>