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Yolanda Acosta yacosta00@hotmail.com
Fri, 27 Aug 2004 21:03:59 +0000

I use eBay for many of my Corvair parts.  I have been taken a few times, and 
had the negative feedback wars or simply was @#$) by a seller that was 
dropped from their system.  I protect my feedback by going to the "fairplay 
forum".  That is where they have solved my unwarranted negatives.  Now I 
follow a few simple rules:

            1.   Look up the experience rating of the seller.  If they are 
selling an expensive
                  item, their experience should be over 200 items with over 
99.5% rating.  If it is
                  an inexpensive item, then beginners are a risk, but must 
have a 100% rating.

           2.    I look up the bidding (by clicking on the amount of 
bidders) to determine the
                  experience of the buyers I'm betting against, and if they 
have bid against
                 themselves.  This shows me the market of the item.  Why 
should I pay over
                 $ 300.00 for a custom steering wheel, when I can get it for 
$ 150.00 in other

           3.    Research the item by looking up your vendor catalogs.  I 
usually mark and track
                  the item before I bid.  Last minute bids are the ones that 
have better chances.

           4.    I contact the seller about questions I have (shipping, 
applicability of item, condi-
                 tion, etc.)before I bid on the item.  This avoids a lot of 
"misunderstandings" later.
                 If the person is a #$% with his messages, I don't give them 
the time of day.

           5.    I only pay with US Postal Service money orders, because I 
have the option of
                 reporting it to the post office, and even getting my money 

These steps do not guarantee that your next eBay experience will be free of 
fraud, but you should feel more secure knowing that you have taken measures 
to avoid it.

Polo Quiles
64 Spyder 150
65 Corsa, 140 - but going back to 180 turbo soon!

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