<VV> Traitor in our midst - Board action requested

Dave Hammelef davhammcar@yahoo.com
Mon, 30 Aug 2004 16:24:55 -0700 (PDT)

You forgot to put humor in the title. Ya lets go after
all those folks with Vair engines in the Dunebuggies.
And those who cut up a good body to put a V8 in there.

So Corvette columns fit in a vair cool now that means
there are more than 800 available. Hmmmm, can I fit a
Corvette engine in my Vair?

Wonder what the datson community thinks of those
Corvair owners using THEIR wheels. 

'64 Vair - Outa group red, no vette parts on board. 
--- airvair <airvair@richnet.net> wrote:

> For some time now, I've been wondering what a guy
> named Bill in Florida 
> has been up to with an ad running month after month
> in the CC wanting to 
> buy telescopic columns. My suspicions were confirmed
> this weekend when a 
> friend who has had contact with the guy told me what
> he found out. Seems 
> the guy is scavengerizing Corvairs for parts to sell
> to Corvette people. 
> While I have no particular objection to selling
> common, plentiful 
> Corvair parts to outsiders, I despise the selling of
> rare, desirable 
> parts (particularly options) for non-Corvair uses. I
> know about the 
> telescopic columns in particular, as I have a
> Corvette friend who's been 
> wanting to buy a '67 tele column that I have. I have
> refused to sell it, 
> but have sold a common, standard column to him so
> that he could repair 
> the damage on one of his own rare columns.
> For those of you who don't just how rare the '67-9
> tele column is, they 
> made 299 in '67, 199 in '68, and '299 in '69, a
> total of less than 800, 
> which is around 1% of the run.
> I feel that the Board should permanently ban this
> guy and post a 
> permanent notice in the CC and CORSA webpage
> classifieds saying that the 
> ads are for use by Corvair people only, and that any
> other uses will 
> result in the advertiser being permanently banned.
> -Mark
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