<VV> Traitor in our midst - Board action requested

Mike Ioanes mioanes@woh.rr.com
Mon, 30 Aug 2004 11:36:23 -0400

Rob writes:

> Mark, are you serious?  Or did you just forget to mark it with "humor" in
> the subject line?
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>> > Subject: <VV> Traitor in our midst - Board action requested
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> > For some time now, I've been wondering what a guy named Bill in Florida
> > has been up to with an ad running month after month in the CC wanting to
> > buy telescopic columns. <snip>.
> > While I have no particular objection to selling common, plentiful
> > Corvair parts to outsiders, I despise the selling of rare, desirable
> > parts (particularly options) for non-Corvair uses.
<big snip>
If I had any of these columns or parts and I wanted to sell them, as long as
the money was right, I wouldn't care if the buyer made floor lamps out of
them.  I'd first offer them on VV, then the on-line classifieds, but if they
didn't sell there...
Mike Ioanes