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hammond, andrew amhammond@co.ha.md.us
Fri, 30 Jan 2004 01:59:12 -0500

     It was one year ago yesterday that I had an accident with my Corvair.
The day was very similar to yesterday in the fact that the roads in the area
were completely Ice covered.  The accident was caused by a 4-wheel-drive
Dodge Ram Quad cab accelerating up a hill "because he had traction."  When I
came around the corner, he locked up his brakes and slid into my lane and
consequently into the front of my 65 sedan.  Thankfully, I was not going
that fast and the combined speed of impact was only around 55mph.  The
accident could have easily killed everyone involved.  Thanks to the
engineers at Chevrolet, and my personal guardian angel, both me and my two
children walked away with only scrapes and bruises.  Unfortunately the Sedan
was totaled.  As mush as I miss the car it did what it was supposed to do,
Save us.
     Two days after the accident I had to replace the Corvair as it was my
daily transportation up till that point.  I decided to replace it with an
all wheel drive vehicle.  As much as I like the AWD, the feature I like the
most is its 4 wheel independent ABS, so it accelerated as well as stops with
more traction than any other car I have ever driven.  With that said I still
believe that safety is in the driver not the vehicle.
     The truck that hit me was heavy and 4 wheel drive, two features that
should make for a lot of traction, but had an idiot at the wheel.
     On a happy note the accident settlement gave me enough money to start
working on the 63 Corvan that has been sitting in my garage for three years
Good luck to all and safe driving
Andy Hammond
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