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Norman C. Witte ncwitte@wittelaw.com
Fri, 30 Jan 2004 09:19:25 -0500

Bryan, thanks from all of us for being on top of this and dealing with it.
Your time is valuable and we appreciate your efforts on our behalf.  In
particular, I appreciate the spam filtering.


Norm Witte

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Well, that wouldn't get the "Nigerian scam" messages, which have been
explicitly noted by our ISP, nor would it block most of the porn
messages (they use embedded URLs), *but* it would block the folks who
post with, say, a vcard as their signature.  However, we (the vv-help
guys) will be able to approve posts that are legitimate on a case by
case basis (this is noted in my previous message) so this solution will
allow posting by non-subscribers, just in a less-than-timely manner.
Obviously that will be a bit more work for us, but I need to deal with
this *right now*.  AOL is sending abuse complaints on a daily basis to
our ISP (I just got over 100 from the last week or so) and that needs
to *stop* - the solution needs to be 100% effective.  For the longer
term I will check out a couple of possible solutions on the new box
that I already had in mind, but the spammers have forced my hand.


On Thursday, January 29, 2004, at 06:43 PM, Jim Burkhard wrote:

> If we are worried about 3rd party posts of MIME viruses and spam, why
> not
> just filter out based on content and block everything with MIME,
> or other binary-->text encoding protocols? Until very very recently,
> spam
> hasn't been a big problem.

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