<VV> 'Breviations

Robert Marlow avanti@carroll.com
Fri, 30 Jan 2004 11:59:27 -0500

Yesterday, Seth Emerson forwarded an amusing story of a guy trying to get
his Camaro into and out of his driverway in the snow and ice.  In that
story, the guy from time to time referred to his car as his 'Maro.

Eww.  My ears hurt.  I've never particularly liked abbreviated car names,
and it is a phenomenon that seems to affect Chevrolets particularly.
'Vette.  'Vair.  I've even seen, in print, 'Velle.  God help me, I've even
seen 'Bu.  Yech.  But this was my first encounter with 'Maro.

A friend used to like to boast that he drove a 'Vette.  He did.  A Chevette.

As the editor of my local club's newsletter, I'm fairly aggressive about
editing out "Vair" and replacing it with "Corvair."  I'll admit, it's a
personal quirk.  There are other chapters that use "Vair" in the club name,
and still more that use "Vair" in the newsletter name.  It's a cute pun at
times, such as Vair Force and Vair Mail, but it still creeps me out.
Anyone else bothered by this?


Robert W. Marlow