<VV> Advice on Trim Installation

Richard Tyson the.tysons@comcast.net
Sat, 31 Jan 2004 10:12:29 -0800

Not that I intend to venture into the garage until the temps move well above
the zero mark, but I anticipate that I'll need some advice when I get back to
completing the '65 Monza in the spring.  Nearing the end of a three+ year
restoration, I encountered a bit of a problem with the stainless roof rail
trim.  I removed the trim several years ago when preparing for an overall
repaint.  I removed a few dents in the trim and gave it a good polishing.
When reinstalling this fall, all went well except for the small pieces on the
front side.  By the time I got them over the rail, they were loose enough that
I could slide them with my hand.  Not being sure about what to do, I toyed
with the idea of using some type of adhesive to hold things in place.  Any
suggestions from the readers?

For the roofrail rubber weatherstrip is the idea to position the stainless
piece so that the glass ends up in the proper groove when the windows are
rolled up?  The slots in the stainless mounting allow it to be moved a bit in
and out.  My first effort on the driver's side resulted in the side glass not
sealing particularly well!

One last item involves the rocker trim.  I rescued the original pieces (no
serious damage) by grinding off the anodized coating and polishing what was
left.  I was told years ago that they are made from aluminum.  Does anyone
know if this is correct.  The metal seems awful hard for aluminum.  In any
case I remember the struggle I had 20 some years ago when I attempted to
reinstall the rocker trim after the car's first restoration.  Can anyone offer
any advice so that I can prepare myself for this task in the spring.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Rick Tyson
Woodbury, MN
1965 Monza Coupe